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Locksmith Solution Washington DC Washington, DC 202-715-1347It is common for us to lose our keys, therefore the need arises to get a new key made. But what if your key falls into the wrong hands?  Whoever found your key will have access to your house and can therefore, harm you and your property. Hence, it is highly advisable for individuals, who have lost their key or spare key to get their locks rekeyed by a professional locksmith like Locksmith Solution Washington DC, as it will provide greater access control over the locks in your property.

Definition of rekeying

Rekeying is a simple process of changing wafer or tumbler configuration of a lock thereby, allowing a different or a particular key to unlock the lock. This tactic will fool anyone from attempting to break-in or take advantage of your generosity as your old key will be unusable on this newly configured lock.

Benefits of locks rekeying

  • Protection from security lapse

    When you give your keys to others or your keys get lost and someone finds them, they can easily get access to your property. In such a case, you might just end up making a spare and think that your work is done. But it is very important to consider the security risk. So, when you rekey  all your locks, your previous keys will be rendered unusable therefore, you will be more secure.

  • Ensures Privacy

    The rekeyed locks will ensure that the previous keys of the lock will be useless therefore, the key you have will be the only one serviceable which reduces chances of any unwanted guests or visitors entering your property.

  • Reinforced security

    Your locks maybe state of the art, but when you rekey  them, they become all the more secure because the changed locks will deter any attempt at breaking it.

  • Maintenance

    It is important to maintain your locks to prevent any attempts at break-in or incidents like lockouts and when you rekey  the locks, they get a good maintenance done alongside.

  • Cost cutting

    For good security you generally think of installing deadbolts, replace existing locks etc. but these are just over the top expenses. Rather than doing the aforementioned, you should rekey  your locks.

  • Easy adaptability

    If you own a huge place and you need to carry a whole set of keys, you can rather rekey  your locks to a master key system.

Stay safe and secure in Washington, DC through lock rekeying carried out by the experts at Locksmith Solution Washington DC!